About Our Program

Huguenot Yacht Club (HYC) was established in 1894 and is one of the founding clubs of the Junior Sailing Association of Long Island Sound (JSALIS).  Our mission is to introduce children to the sport of sailing, which is not just an isolated skill but also a way of life that can be enjoyed into old age. 

  • Choose from two 3-week sessions, beginning in early July and ending mid-August
     Session Options & Dates
  • For first-timers, we offer an intro to sailing class the week before our program starts in late June
  • For more experienced sailors, a racing clinic is also available 
  • Our full day runs from 9:00am to 4:00pm and includes lunch and pool time
  • Basic swimming skills are a prerequisite for registration. Each child is given a swim test on the first day.
  • Non-member families, who register for at least one full session, enjoy use of our Club House and dining facilities during the program
  • Early morning drop-off and extended day options available at an additional charge for your convenience. Pre-registration required. 

For information about the sailboats, check out the boats page as HYC offers a limited number of Optis and Fevas for charter and we can also help families find boats to charter privately or from local dealers. See the list at the bottom of the home page and links sidebar for details.

You arrive on the dock, change into your gear: Sunglasses? Check! Sailing gloves? Check! Life Jacket? Check! Then you check on your boat which you will be sailing by yourself or with one of your fellow sailors, attaching the different parts and hoisting the sails that will take you wherever you want to go. The sun is shining and the water is warm and the wind is already fluttering in the sail. You push the boat into the water and hop aboard, grab the tiller, trim the sail, and off you go, learning the basics or racing against your teammates. Either one but now you're sailing and you love it.

The HYC Junior Sailing Program brings this experience to you, teaching sailing in a safe, caring and fun environment. You will learn to rig and sail your own boat or one of the boats available for Charter from our club. You will be instructed in seamanship, safety on the water, and racing. Lessons are taught on land in our dedicated Junior Sailing Clubhouse but more importantly on the water of beautiful Long Island Sound.

Your instructors are some of the best. All US Sailing certified, many have gone through the very same program as students at HYC. That they have returned to pass-on what they have learned as teachers shows their continued love of sailing as a skill, a pursuit, a craft, a sport. They know that learning to sail is a great way to become self-reliant, make friends and form life-long memories and that's what they will share with you. Whether you are a beginner sailor or more advanced on the water, our low instructor-to-student ratio ensures that you will receive the best instruction and enjoy a sailing experience that is second to none.

So who should come?  Pretty much anyone, beginner or more advanced.  Our program accepts children between 8 and 16 years old. Basic swimming skills are a prerequisite so know how to do that in advance as each child will be given a swim test at the beginning of each session.  If you're just starting, you'll start in an Opti.  If you're a bit older, then a Laser or Feva should be your thing.  But in addition to the sail training in which participants will be involved on a daily basis, all sailors will also be introduced to sailing on bigger sailboats such as our Catalina 25, and may have the opportunity to crew on club members’ yachts during club races and regattas.

Go to the schedule page to learn more this Winter as we offer some Open Houses in the coming months. Go there to see how we get going this Summer with an intro to sailing course the week before our program start which is a great way to try out the program.  Also, for intermediate and advanced sailors we offer a racing clinic during the same period to give racers an opportunity to hone their skills.