Sailing Counselor Course - Oyster Bay

Sat, June 27, 2020

Waterfront Center, Oyster Bay NY

The Sailing Counselor course is designed to prepare candidates to assist with small boat activities in camp, recreational and sailing club programs. The emphasis is on safety and hands-on practice to familiarize candidates with proper terminology and boating techniques. This course will be taught by MacKenzie McGuckin, Sailing Director at The Waterfront Center.

Prerequisites: Basic Sailing experience. Must turn 14 within the calendar year.

Note: The Sailing Counselor course is not a certification course. It is therefore recommended that Sailing Counselors will work under the supervision of Level 1 Certified Sailing Instructors. The course is highly recommended for junior-instructors-in-training who intend to later seek Level 1 Small Boat Instructor certification after they are 16 years old.